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Premeditated Marriage

Цена:RUR 116.00

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4.4 звезд, основано на 8 отзывах

Charlotte «Charlie» Larkin believed she'd been cursed when it came to matters of the heart, especially since every man she'd ever been involved with had met with an untimely end

And being in close proximity to Gus made Charlie forget that the arrangement was supposed to be temporary which was dangerous while the real killer lurked.

Charlie was unwittingly drawn to her sexy protector, but she knew she should keep her distance

Except when Gus insisted they pretend to be involved to draw out the killer, her defenses crumbled at his all-too-real advances

To add insult to injury, to-die-for true-crime writer Gus Riley had come to the remote Montana town to research her for his next book!Following an attempt on Charlie's life, Gus insisted the two join forces to pursue the investigation

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