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Commercial Real Estate Investing For Dummies

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Thinking about becoming a commercial real estate investor? Commercial Real Estate Investing For Dummies covers the entire process, offering practical advice on negotiation and closing win-win deals and maximizing profit

Discover how to Get leads on commercial property investments Determine what a property is worth Find the right financing for you Handle inspections and fix problems Make big money in land development Manage your properties or hire a pro Exploit the tax advantages of commercial real estate Find out what offer a seller really-really wants Perform due diligence before you make a deal Raise capital by forming partnerships Investing in commercial property can make you rich in any economy

From office buildings to shopping centers to apartment buildings, it helps you pick the right properties at the right time for the right price

Get Commercial Real Estate For Dummies, and find out how.

This comprehensive handbook has it all

Yes, there is a fun and easy way to break into commercial real estate, and this is it

You ll discover the upsides and downsides of the various types of investments, learn the five biggest myths of commercial real estate investment, find out how to recession-proof your investment portfolio, and more

You ll learn how to find great properties, size up sellers, finance your investments, protect your assets, and increase your property s value

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